Elle – The Skin Solutions to Have in Your Arsenal

Dr. Robert Anolik gave ELLE the lowdown on his favorite skincare solutions – including PicoSure!


Female hand holding moisturizer in hand, horiztonal

Make the Holidays – And Your Skin – Happy

Dry skin and cold weather have always gone hand-in-hand. Despite moisturizing daily – if not more often – it’s tough to get that bright glow that sunlit summer days offer. Learn how to banish blemishes and dull winter skin once and for all.


Woman passing piece of pie to her child

Lose Those Unwanted Wrinkles and Eat That Extra Slice of Pie

Foods high in sugar can do more than affect your waistline, they can also affect your skin. When holiday eating makes spots arise, PicoSure is here to battle discoloration caused by blemishes.