People are constantly pushing the limits of what they'll do for beauty. From perms to plastic surgery, there are few things some won't consider in the name of looking their best. One of the newest emerging trends in the extreme beauty camp has people driving right past their beautician's salon on their way to the tattoo parlor. More and more people are beginning to explore the world of permanent makeup tattoos.

A no-hassle face in the morning
What may possess one to have makeup tattooed onto their face, you may ask? The appeal for many is the time, effort and stress saved in the morning when it comes time to get ready for the day. One blogger for Huffington Post indicated that her busy life as a working mother was actually prohibitive to her being able to spend the time she felt she needed every morning to make herself up the way she wanted, and her story is far from unique. Tattooing eyebrows, eyeliner and even lipliner can give many women a serious self-confidence boost.

The practice actually has its roots in even more altruistic origins. According to The New York Times, micropigmentation was developed as an alternative treatment for alopecia, a condition that results in hairlessness. A more or less niche market when it began surfacing in the '80s, the practice is becoming increasingly widespread, even starting to branch out of traditional tattoo circles and make its way into conventional beauty parlors.

A short-sighted solution?
The ability to wake up and roll out of bed already made up is a dream for many. It's easy to get caught up in the novelty of convenience and overlook factors that could lead to some serious tattoo regret down the road. The fickle nature of fashion and beauty trends notwithstanding, the relative youngness of this subset of the field is cause for concern. With facial tattoos, it's very easy for recipients to grow tired of the look. What's more, lack of any FDA regulation over the practice means that not all tattoo artists are cut from the same cloth – dealing with a wonky looking rose or butterfly is one thing, but an uneven or discolored tattoo around your lips or eyes is a whole other story.

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