Summer is the time for socializing and great weather, and above all else that means delicious food. From picnics to barbecues, there are ample opportunities in the warmer months to indulge in fine eats and sweet treats. 

Unfortunately, while some of the best summer noshes may be delicious, certain foods also have a reputation for wreaking havoc on your skin. Here are some of the worst offenders, so summer socialites know what to look out for the next time they hit up the buffet. 

You may have heard that high-sodium diets are bad for your health, but did you also know they can be bad for your skin? According to The Huffington Post, too much salt can cause your body to retain water. This means that if you've ever woken up in the morning with red, puffy and swollen-looking skin, your increased salt intake may be the primary culprit. Especially if you're spending time out in the sun and drinking water to keep cool, you may want to rethink that giant pretzel or bag of potato chips. 

While growing up you were told to always drink your milk, the reality may be somewhat different. Even though dairy is an integral component in the classic food pyramid, consuming significant quantities can have undesirable repercussions for your skin. As Livestrong pointed out, this is largely due to the high amount of artificial hormones present in many dairy products. Dairy cows are often injected with these hormones to keep them producing milk, but many of these chemicals transfer to us when we consume their products, This can lead to increased occurrences of acne and blemishes, meaning that those looking to keep their complexions clear should drastically reduce their dairy intake.

Junk food
Nobody should be eating excessive amounts of junk food anyway, but those who are looking to preserve their skin have even more reason to lay off the sugary snacks. A report published by the American Academy of Dermatology found that a diet consisting of nutritious foods was directly correlated with better skin health, including clearer skin and a reduction in acne outbreaks. In particular, foods that were higher in vitamins and essential fatty acids were better for maintaining healthy skin than other dietary variations. A report found that Swedish seniors over the age of 70 experienced less wrinkled skin as they aged than did others in a similar age and environmental situation. This is largely believed to be a result of a diet rich in vegetables and olive oil.

Bad news for all you bacchanalians out there, alcohol is bad for your skin as much as your liver. As The Huffington Post reminded, alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes your body to get rid of water. This means that if you drink enough, you can seriously dehydrate your skin and not even realize it. As a result, if you make a habit of drinking frequently, you run the risk of ending up with creased and wrinkled skin. In other words, your nights of partying now are really just borrowing against your skin's future. 

This one may seem confusing. After all, fish are supposed to be good for your diet, right? Unfortunately for all you oyster fanatics out there, eating large quantities of shellfish often enough can impact your skin negatively. According to the National Institutes of Health, iodine – an element commonly found in seafood – can lead to skin breakouts in large enough accumulation. This doesn't mean that if you attend a summer clambake your skin will rebel the very next day, but those people for whom shellfish makes up a significant portion of their diet are definitely at risk.

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