If you thought having a little dust in your eye was bad, how about a needle? Many people are going where very few have gone for the sake of body art. Over the past few years, tattoo artists have seen an uptick in clients asking to get inked on their eyeballs. 

The Dune frenzy
It all started when a guy was inspired by a photoshopped picture that made his eyes look blue like in the classic science fiction novel "Dune," reported BBC. If you're unfamiliar with "Dune," it's a science fiction novel that has earned a cult-like following. 

To give you some perspective, Cracked stated that more than 12 million copies of the book have been sold since it was published in 1965. The original "Dune" was written by Frank Herbert, and the series is comprised of six books total, which were also co-written by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson

As summarized on Cracked, the novel is set on the planet of Arrakis. It's swarming with mythical, dangerous creatures, like sand worms – you might have seen them in Beetle Juice. These guys aren't friendly, they'll have you for breakfast. The worms are also a source of power for inhabitants of Arrakis, because they are contain "melange." This substance is instrumental in creating, which is why people consume it. The entire book is structured around the trade of melange, which can give people foresight.

Fans who are into the series are die-hard, as demonstrated on Arrakis.co.uk – the novels' fan page. People send in their photos, music and other homages to Dune. There's even a Dune-mobile – a multicolored van, so it's no wonder someone took his affinity for the series to the next level.

The man behind eye tattoos
Tattoo artist Luna Cobra told BBC that he felt sure he could make someone's eyes blue as vividly portrayed by the characters in "Dune." Once he expressed his ability to perform the task at hand, three brave souls lined up and let Cobra experiment with their sclera – the white part of the eyes. 

The procedure isn't like a routine tattoo session. Instead of the client selecting a design and waiting for the artist to work it into their flesh, the ink gradually injects into the eye. The Huffington Post chatted up Russ Foxx, who's a prominent figure in the body modification industry. He told the source that there isn't much room for design when it comes to inking the human eye. 

Fox gained his footing practicing on pigs' eyes from the local market, he told the Post. Even Foxx gave a nod to Cobra as being one of the first people tied to the trend. But, for someone who's so well known in the industry, even Cobra has his reservations about the procedure.

He isn't afraid to be honest about what it means to change your eye color. He told BBC that it could make people view you differently, and it could be challenging for people with eyeball tattoos to make a connection with other people. On the flip side, he's supportive to his client's decisions, if it's what they want. 

"If you want to amuse yourself by decorating your eyeball, why not do it?" he told BBC. "I do a lot of things that look like tie-dye or 'cosmic space'. I think it brings a realm of fantasy into everyday life."

Despite how awesome the ink may look, it does come with some risks. Since the trend emerged, health experts have expressed their concerns over safety. Following the procedure, some people experience headaches, discolored tears and general discomfort.

Physical and emotional risks
According to News.bme.com, eyeball tattoos carry serious risk and there is a lot of room for error. Welcoming a needle into your eyeball can cause irreversible damage that may lead to the loss of sight. News.bme.com pointed out that there are also psychological side effects of eye ink.

The source warned that people may have a tough time finding a job, a nice place to live and even love. Interested candidates should seriously consider the aforementioned warnings. It can mean a complete life change, for better or worse. 

If it catches your eye
Anyone who's considering going under the needle should really dig deep to find a reputable place to get the job done. Some of the top dogs in the field actually specialize in body modification rather than tattoos. If this up-and-coming trend catches your eye, don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions, and keep searching until you find the right person for the job. 

Prices for an eye tattoo vary more than your typical body ink. Artists charge clients anywhere from zero dollars to $1,000 for the procedure. It all depends on where you go, and who you see. Of course, you'll want to be sure, as you may be hard-pressed to find someone who can undo the work, once you've had your sclera inked – it may be lead to tattoo regret. 

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