It's no secret that Americans have a love affair with fast food. For certain people, a meal at these chains is a part of daily life. Though there are a vast array of options available, some are especially partial to one chain. In fact, there are individuals that are extra passionate about one dish in particular – so much so that they may even be inclined to express their craving in a permanent way.

A loyal customer
According to Time magazine, one man from Louisville, Kentucky, happened to have a penchant so strong for the KFC Double Down that he opted to get it inked on his leg. What is this infamous sandwich? It's a limited edition special on the KFC menu, this jaw-dropping meal consists of two pieces of bacon, Monterey jack cheese and the Colonel's secret sauce between not bread – but two pieces of fried chicken filets. The chain brought the sandwich back, possibly by popular demand, but it's only available until May 25. Apparently, one guy wanted to make sure the Double Down was a part of his life forever, even if he couldn't order it.

Not only did the anonymous man go under the needle for this bizarre etching, but the entire process has been documented and is part of KFC's new TV commercial. Whether the fast food joint convinced him to get the design or he did so on his own accord is unclear. Another thing many people are likely wondering is why someone would be willing to emblazon a sandwich on their skin.

"It's a tattoo that people will always ask about," he explained, as quoted by Time, adding that he thinks it's funny.

E! Online reported that KFC is now calling him the "Ultimate KFC Double Down fan." So when did his predilection for the Double Down start? Apparently, it all began when he ordered one on a date with his girlfriend. The sandwich had just debuted on the menu.

A rising theme
Interestingly, E! Online noted that the artist responsible for this ink admitted the most popular face he etches on customers at Louisville's Tattoo Salvation parlor is that of Colonel Sanders. So it seems that a KFC-related tatt is nothing new for that region.

While this KFC super fan may think the design is humorous now, there's a good chance it could lose its luster down the road when he's changed his eating habits, instilling some serious tattoo regret. In that case, laser tattoo removal is always a viable option.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013