Many people are scared by the commitment associated with a permanent tattoo, so they decide against getting them. Luckily, in the past year or so, temporary tattoos have come into the fold and become a massive trend for everyone, from young children to grandparents. Turns out, some states tend to be larger fans of temporary ink than others. One place residents truly appreciate washing off a tattoo after a few days is Arizona.

The popularity of temporary tattoos in the Grand Canyon State might have something to do with Tattoo Manufacturing International, the largest temporary tattoo company that just so happens to have roots in Tuscon. The company is the largest distributor of temporary ink nationwide, putting out approximately 7 million tattoo units each day. Of course, given their massive distribution, they also carry the most choices, ranging from tattoos of metallic designs to images of the dangerous Darth Vader.

The massive tattoo printers can create 10,000 sheets a day, with each holding around 300 tattoos a sheet. All of the colors used must meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards, as the materials used for temporary tattoos are considered a cosmetic product.

"Tattoo Manufacturing International holds anywhere between 80 and 90% of the North American market share."

Considerable success
The company was first launched in 1989 by Mitch Pisik, the CEO. He estimates that Tattoo Manufacturing International holds anywhere between 80 and 90 percent of the North American market share for temporary tattoos, and between 60 and 80 percent of the international market share. They can be found in mega stores like Target and Walmart, as well as Party City and other smaller independent chains throughout America. Their retail can reach approximately 65,000 in 34 different countries.

They have been so successful that the company was actually used for tattooing the lead character in the NBC show, "Blind Spot." One of the company's representatives was flown in and helped create and develop several designs used on the mysterious lead actress, Jaime Alexander.

Given its long-standing success, the company has partnered with several big names, including Disney and Hasboro to create themed tattoos. They also work with tattoo artists and designers who create their own collections, and they offer users the option of designing and submitting their own work to be created for themselves and others. Right now, given the fact that temporary tattoos are currently booming, the company doesn't expect sales to dwindle any time soon. However, they do enjoy learning what people are currently buying.

Some people would rather face a piece of paper over a tattoo gun. Some people would rather face a piece of paper over a tattoo gun.

So what's hot right now for temporary tattoos?

Apparently adults are currently interested in getting temporary images of maps and routes, like that of an elevation bike route. Many of these pieces are designed for the upper forearm and are relatively large. Children currently are fascinated with nautical and marine items, such as mermaids, anchors and of course, characters like the Little Mermaid. Of course, if people aren't interested in either of those types of designs, the company also offers basically everything in between, with designers coming up with new ideas and temporary tattoo themes each day.

The company has a team of seven full-time artists as well as eight freelancers who work on original pieces for the company. They also help do graphics, packaging and displays for the company, that also sells paint and sticker books, coloring sheets and even small pocket calendars. Pisik essentially sees his prints as a way for people to continually change their look and express themselves, whether they've just gotten into Star Wars or are looking to add some fun metallic prints to their arms during a music festival.

The allure of temporary tattoos
Tattoo Manufacturing International's ink only lasts a few days, but some tattoos can last several weeks or even six months. Of course, if people want to try out an image's look, they might opt for a tattoo that doesn't wash off so fast. One tattoo parlor has decided to give customers the option to test run certain looks and decide whether they want the permanent thing. Momentary Ink, a company that also makes temporary tattoos, has decided to partner with a few different tattoo parlors in Houston to allow customers to figure out whether they want a certain tattoo or not. The company essentially creates a temporary version of the permanent design and sells it to interested customers for $21. If the customer decides against the look, they can simply wash it off in a matter of a few weeks with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

The lack of permanence has definitely been a pull for many people interested in temporary tattoos. Just like Momentary Ink's idea, people can figure out whether they like the look of an image before they permanently have to commit to it. If they don't like the look, they can try out another temporary tattoo or several. People have even gotten the full tattoo experience with some companies such as Tattly, another temporary tattoo brand that has opened up pop up shops and placed the tattoos on their customers.