Having a tattoo comes with baggage of its own, especially if you're gearing up for a vacation to a far-flung place. This summer, bring along a few extra items so that you can take proper care of your skin adornment and focus on taking in a new city.

Here are five travel essentials if you have a tattoo.

1. Sunscreen
Heading to Palma de Mallorca with a few of your closest friends? Don't forget the sunscreen! Neglecting skin care can leave you with a dry or deformed tattoo years down the road. Lather on the SPF before you shove off for a day of boating, biking, surfing and rock climbing. Even if you're staying indoors for a long stretch of the day, you should keep a bottle of lotion on hand. You never know when a rainy museum day will spontaneously turn into a gorgeous day to dine al fresco. 

2. An old blanket
If you're heading overseas days or weeks after getting a tattoo, be sure to pack an extra blanket or sheet. According to Unique Ink, everyone's ink experience varies. Someone could get a tattoo, heal quickly and not feel much pain. Others might find that their bodies take several weeks or months to get used to the ink. Some people's fresh tattoos may even re-open and bleed while they're sleeping.

To avoid having to pay extra room fees and clean up a mess when you're on vacation, use an old blanket or sheet to cover yourself when it's finally time to get some shut-eye. That way, the moment your head hits the pillow, you can fully relax without worrying about this happening. 

Bring along some loose-fitting items so you tattoo doesn't snag on your clothing. Bring along some loose-fitting items so you tattoo doesn't snag on your clothing.

3. Sundresses and loose-fitting clothes
Think twice about your fashion choices if you've just got a new tattoo. As Unique Ink Tattoo explained, tight clothes can rub against it and prolong the healing process. This can be painful if your tattoo has scabbed over. A good way around this is wearing loose-fitting items like harem pants, tank tops and even open-toe shoes if your tatt is on your foot.

4. Ointment
If you're jet-setting just days after getting a tattoo, don't forget to bring along your ointment that was recommended by the artist. You'll want to keep this in your carry-on so that you can apply it in the bathroom during a long flight. It's also good to keep ointment in your purse or carry-on bag so that you don't have to rifle through your suitcase upon arrival. You can dab a little ointment on your ink and hit the ground running. 

5. A cover up
Tattoos and sun don't mix. That's why you should pack a cover-up or some loose-fitting article of clothing to throw on over your swimsuit if you have nothing but a week of beach days planned. Enjoy the splendor of breath-taking beaches' sprawling white sand and clear water without fretting over a tattoo infection. Sure, you might not get an even tan, but you also get to flaunt your fabulous tattoo and tell your travel tales once you get back on home turf. 

"Keep ointment in your carry-on bag so you don't have to rifle through your giant suitcase upon arrival."

If you're not willing to make a few minor compromises, you may want to hold off on a tattoo or postpone your trip. Tattooed Theory pointed out that you should avoid the sun, ocean and any physical activity for about two weeks after a new tattoo.

Wish you'd known about these carry-on luggage pointers before you set sails? It's not too late for you. There's always laser tattoo removal to undo any tattoo faux pas. 

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