Many people are smitten with the idea of getting a tattoo, yet they're held back by fear. A story by NPR pointed to the fact that young people are and should be worried about body art in terms of the job search. The article summarized how and why tattoos affect a person's career track, despite the concept being quite mainstream.

Several eager job-seekers gave the source an up close and personal look at the challenges they faced when embarking on interviews and other job inquiries, which for many, is enough reason to forget about getting a sleeve or giant piece of art. Still, you don't have to completely disregard your tattoo desires. You just need to compromise.

Here are 10 tiny tattoos that you can choose to hide or show.

1. Arrow
As F Mag explained, tattoos are symbolic. They represent emerging from a challenging situation. When you pull back an arrow it's strenuous, however when you release it, the arrow shoots off, and the tension fades. Some view the motion as moving forward, or towards a goal.

2. Palm tree
Still daydreaming about your trip to the Canary Islands? Why not use those pretty palm trees as the inspiration for your tiny tatt? Style Craze explained that this mark is up-and-coming because many people associate the evergreen with vacation and happy times. They're also supposed to have a soothing effect.

3. Pineapple
The tropical fruit has been symbolic of hospitality all over the world. Whether you just love the refreshing taste of pineapple, or you're passionate about hosting people, consider going for it.

4. Planets
Stay connected to the Earth and other planets by putting one on your body. You can get a subtle, yet attractive tattoo design inspired by the alignment of all of the planets. So much mystery surrounds the alignment of the planets. Some believe it'll make gravity decrease, while others hold more radical viewpoints.

5. One word
Pick a favorite word from a meaningful song, book or famous quote and turn it into a tattoo. Who says you have to get an entire verse on your arm? It's your ink and you get to pick and choose which pieces you want to include and which ones you'd like to eliminate.

6. Crescent moon
The Tattoo Symbolism blog explained that moon tattoos can mean intuition, dreams, feminine power, magic, purity, fertility and a number of other traits. Taking the definition to a deeper level, the blog explained that it represents change because the moon's appearance varies in shape and color every day. 

7. Birds
You've likely encountered a bird silhouette tattoo, but do you know what it means? The National Audubon Society consulted a few authors and plane enthusiasts to find out. Several people alluded to birds signifying freedom in a general sense. Others dove into the creatures' connection to the world.

8. Dandelion
These flowers invoke a feeling of nostalgia in many people. Many can remember taking a giant breath and letting it out to blow all of the tiny pieces into the air. If you haven't experienced dandelions then you might not know that they're symbolic. According to old folklore, you're supposed to blow on them and make a wish. If all of the leaves fall off of the flower then your wish might come true.

9. Camera
This tattoo means so many things to so many people. Whether you love to travel, take pictures or just peruse magazines, a tiny camera is the perfect tribute to your hobby or career.

10. World map
No matter where you've been or where you'll end up, you can show your love for your location with this ink. It's small enough to squeeze onto your ankle. 

Even if you're still not a fan of your tiny tattoo, you can get laser tattoo removal. Tattoo regret isn't necessary, life is too short!