It's fair to say that many tattoo artists are some of the coolest human beings on this planet, but a select few may have a major shortcoming. Some of them can't spell for the life of them, which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for one minor detail: They ink people for life. 

Sobering sob stories
The Web is a gateway to a slew of cringe-worthy results that back up this assertion. A particularly ironic tattoo posted on Fail Blog is of a forearm inked with the words "No Regret," misspelled. It actually reads "No regerts," which sounds like a health problem. Presumably this person's tattoo is his or her first regret in life. This is, of course, an extreme case, but it just shows how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to grammatical errors. 

You'll come across a number of lousy ink jobs with a quick Google search. For example, one woman had the quote "Don't let the past make your decisions for today," on her arm in cursive. The word "decisions" was spelled "dicisions," which means her past decision – like the one to get that tattoo – will likely affect her present life – and it gets worse.

Oftentimes incorrect grammar changes the meaning of a phrase. Little missing elements, like commas and apostrophes, can make a big difference. You're probably thinking, "Can't you just add those in?" And the answer to that painfully obvious question is yes. Unless of course, you're the poor guy who tattooed the phrase "Your Dead" across his knuckles.

Even celebs get typos
Now you're probably thinking that these examples are just basement hack jobs. Anyone with a good head on his or her shoulders and a little money to push around can surely manage getting an accurately spelled tattoo. But then there's the argument of celebrity tattoo mistakes. 

That's right, even the rich and famous have fallen victim to tattoo typos. As I Village, an NBC news source, pointed out, David Beckham has his lady's name "Victoria" splayed on his arm in Sanskrit. The only kicker is that it came out to say "Vihctoria." Lucky for him, it's not in English and people still love him. 

These instances are not so lucky for the rest of the people in the world who aren't as cool as David Beckham. Very few can pull off a misspelled tattoo without endless ridicule, which is why laser tattoo removal is heaven-sent. 

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