Trends come and go in every industry, and tattoos are no exception. Each year, some tattoo trends are expected, and others are shocking. Just take musician David Bowie's passing. After his sudden passing, fans everywhere chose to get a tattoo of the star to commemorate him, such as a small black star in honor of his latest album. Tattoos of the musician are just one of many trends expected for 2016. Here are a few of the others.

1. Minimalist tattoos
Some people truly appreciate minimalist art. Now, they are taking it to a whole new level of love by portraying that art on their arms, backs, necks and wrists. Minimalist tattoos have popped up on many young Hollywood celebrities, and have been featured in designs from some of the most popular tattoo parlors right now, such as NYC-based parlor Bang Bang. It also is a trend that is very open-minded. Essentially, this art is in the eye of the beholder, so long as the tattoo is simple, small and easy to understand.

"These designs, based in Tibet, signify a person's desire to transform their brain."

2. Mandela tattoos
These days, mandela prints are everywhere, from phone cases to bag designs. Now, they're also showing up on people's bodies. These designs, based in Tibet, signify a person's desire to transform their brain and enlighten their mind. While some people may get it for the Tibetan meaning of the symbol, others might get it simply because they appreciate the detailed, geometric design. It is becoming very common among people who practice Buddhism or simply appreciate the culture surrounding it. These designs come in a few different patterns, giving the tattoo uniqueness.

3. Finger tattoos
Many people are becoming accepting of tattoos these days, so people aren't afraid to bear some new ink at the office, a wedding or even church. As society becomes more open-minded about tattoos, people are beginning to place them in more revealing areas. One of those areas is the fingers. These tattoos are often small and delicate. In the past, they were discouraged against as they tend to fade faster off of the fingers than other parts of the body. Regardless, after a few celebrities such as Rihanna debuted these small tattoos on their fingers, they became all the rage. Some choose to get writing on their fingers, but more commonly people pick symbols, which can easily be seen from a distance.

Minimalist tattoos are one of many trends expected for 2016.Minimalist tattoos are one of many trends expected for 2016.

4. Single-line tattoos
This type of tattoo, that is also a minimalist design, has become popular as of late. Essentially, tattoo artists create these tattoos by never lifting up their tattoo pen. Of course, this is a tricky process and can't be done by just any tattoo artist. It takes a lot of practice to create a well-crafted image that was solely made on one line. These tattoos, though minimalist, often take a minute to understand as the images aren't simple and clear like a normal tattoo. However, that can be part of the fun.

5. Brightly-colored tattoos
Last year, tattoo artists heard many requests for tattoos that were brightly colored and incorporated hues of neon pinks, greens, blues and oranges to create the design they wanted. If you remember art by Lisa Frank, this trend seems to be modeled off of it. While black and white tattoos will always be a staple for most artists, bringing in eye-catching colors also can be exciting and different. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd or have a tattoo that definitely could be a conversation piece, consider getting your next tattoo in bright colors.