In today's competitive workforce, it's more important than ever to stand out to potential employers. However, it's important to be distinct in the right away – and new research suggest that tattoos could draw the wrong kind of attention. In fact, the link between ink and landing a job is so strong that some may be considering tattoo removal methods.

A sustaining stigma
Dr. Andrew Timming of St. Andrew's University School of Management in Scotland conducted a study to evaluate how human resources professionals respond to body art. According to, Timming interviewed 15 hiring managers in banking, retail, landscaping, hospitality, restaurant, beauty salon, bookseller, higher education and other industries regarding how they felt about candidates who had visible tatts. The majority of participants admitted that they had a negative reaction to body art. In fact, one manager noted that tattoos are the first topic of conversation when an interviewee leaves, and another said ink would discourage him from hiring a person. Other respondents claimed that if they were faced with two equally capable applicants, they would be more likely to choose the person who had no tattoos. It's clear that visible body art could reduce the chances at getting a job offer, but why?

​Keeping up appearances
Timming explained that tatts don't necessarily hinder someone's chances of landing a job because the recruiter is biased, but because they are concerned about customer expectations.

"Hiring managers realize that, ultimately, it does not matter what they think of tattoos – what really matters, instead, is how customers might perceive employees with visible tattoos," he explained, as quoted by

The location of the tatt is a major factor. It goes without saying that it makes more sense to get a tatt on your back or somewhere that is concealed by clothing than it does to get one on your hand, neck or somewhere out in the open. However, if you already have some body art in a visible place, laser tattoo removal may be the most viable option for ensuring your success isn't compromised.

Gaining a competitive advantage
In an interview with SalesHQ, Bridget Miller of the East Side Laser Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., stated that 12 percent of her clients come in to get ink removed for professional reasons. Of course, not all companies have strict policies on tatts, but experts are saying that it's not a chance job-seekers want to take in this tight market. Brenda Dare, president of the human resources consulting firm Dare Enterprises Inc., told the news outlet that companies tend to be very accepting of tatts or not at all.

"There's a lot of gray in human resources, but this issue can be pretty black and white," she said. 

In fact, some companies will even implement a body art policy to make it very clear what is allowed. As long as these policies do not violate the Civil Rights Act Title VII, they can be exhaustive and thorough. As a result, many people with visible ink are turning to laser tattoo removal. Though the procedure requires an upfront payment, the investment can pay off in the long run when a person is able to secure a more successful career tatt-free.

In a recent survey, a whopping 76% of respondents feel tattoos and piercings hurt an applicant's chances of being hired during a job interview*. Don't let your tattoo ruin your chances of landing that dream job. Tattoos can be erased faster and with fewer treatments with PicoSure®: the latest breakthrough in laser tattoo removal. Visit to learn more and find a PicoSure Practitioner near you.