There are a number of reasons why stars might have tattoo regret. For example, they may be itching to get rid of that ink dedicated to an ex-lover. Or maybe a particular design just proves to be a painful reminder of who they were before, representing a past interest or a former way of life. Others may just simply consider their body art an eyesore that compromises their image. One of the most obvious reasons why a celeb will have second thoughts about their ink, though, is a misspelled design.

Whether it was a lack of research, an impulsive decision or an oversight on the artist's part that caused these body art mishaps, it goes without saying that these stars are probably going to be a bit more mindful before they go under the needle in the future. Here are some of the bad tattoos that could have been prevented with a simple spell check.

Kevin Durant
When the basketball star posted a photo on Instagram of his elaborate etching of James 1:2-4, fans went into a tailspin over one word: mature. It was clear from the image that the word was spelled "mautre," and users were not shy to notify Durant about the error. reported that it took less than 24 hours for the athlete to put up another photo of his back tatt with the correct spelling.

Larry Sanders
Durant isn't the only NBA pro to have misspelled body art that he boasted about on Instagram. USA Today revealed that the Milwaukee Bucks center got the word "receive" tatted in cursive on his left hand. Apparently, though, the artist wasn't aware of the "I before E except after C" rule – because it came out "recieve." Fortunately for Sanders, he had just signed a $44 million contract extension with his team, so he definitely has the funds to go through with laser tattoo removal if he ends up regretting the design.

If one star is learning from her body art blunders, it's probably Rihanna – who sports not one, but two misspelled tatts. Hollywood Life reported that she got "rebelle fleur" emblazoned on her neck at EastSide Ink in New York City, but since the noun was put after the adjective, the French phrase translates to "flower rebel" instead of the intended "rebellious flower." In addition to the backwards design, she also had the word "forgiveness" etched in Sanskrit on her right side, but as it isn't spelled correctly, it simply doesn't translate at all.

Christina Aguilera
One celeb that's probably grateful for her misspelled tatt is Christina Aguilera. explained that she got her husband Jordan Bratman's initials inked on her skin in Hebrew. While the botched tatt ended up reading as the number 12, the mistake ended up being a blessing as she and Bratman ultimately got divorced.

Britney Spears
Another pop princess who fell victim to a tattoo artist's spelling error is Britney Spears. According to The Frisky, the etching on her hip was supposed to read "mysterious" but unfortunately, the Chinese symbols meant "strange." That's not the only ink that came out wrong, either. Though she aimed for the Kabbalah symbol on the back of her neck to say God, it didn't translate correctly.

David Beckham
It's no secret that Beckham has quite a body art collection. While it was a sweet gesture to get his wife Victoria Beckham's name etched in Sanskrit on his arm, Hollywood Life reported that it actually ended up reading "Vihctoria."

Who knew Coolio was such a big Insane Clown Posse fan? Unfortunately, the rapper's tribute tatt to the group, which reads "Jugalo Cool," is missing the second "G." However, StyleBistro noted that the hip hop star maintains it's misspelled on purpose.

Ashley Greene
Apparently, grammar isn't Ashley Green's strong suit. According to, the "Twilight" star got the phrase "Lifes a dance" emblazoned on her foot, but it's missing the necessary apostrophe in the first word.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012