Remember when Justin Bieber swore off tattoos? Talk about an ink addiction – it was only recently that the star admitted he wouldn't be going under the needle for a while, but already the singer has started adding to the extensive collection again. In the realm of celebrity tattoos, Bieber is a major player, with an impressive array of designs that range in size, theme and location. So what did he opt for this time?

Bieber unveiled the new etching via Twitter. Cash Money CEO Birdman, or "Uncle Stunna," had just given the teen heartthrob a Bugatti, but that wasn't the only thing Bieber was showing off to fans. He snapped a photo of himself in the studio and then tweeted the selfie for all to see. The design is pretty simplistic, but definitely draws some attention. Right under his ear is a new neck piece that reads "patience" in a vertical line. According to International Business Times, the "Never Say Never" singer went to Ink City Tattoo in Florida to get the design. Ironically, Bieber doesn't seem to be too patient when it comes to inking. After all, the pop star just promised weeks ago he was done adding new etchings. Wondering why Bieber has such a penchant for body art? The Hollywood Gossip reported that Bieber has cited his dad's love of ink as the main factor inspiring him to embrace the trend. In fact, he seems to consider visits to the tattoo parlor to be a father-son bonding experience.

One of the problems with Bieber continually adding new tatts is that he may eventually run out of space on his skin. At this point, it's hard to keep up with his collection, and many of them he got done in just the past year. If he decides down the road that he wants to get a more meaningful design, he may have to consider laser tattoo removal to make room.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2012