By now, it's pretty apparent that Harry Styles has somewhat of an ink addiction. The One Direction singer's tatt collection keeps growing, with new elaborate artwork popping up all the time. Earlier this year the pop star opted to transform a couple of his existing tattoos into new designs.

Recently, though, he added another image to his canvas, just six days after his last new tatt was spotted. This is not the cartoon-style graphic heart you're likely thinking of, though, it's the scientific kind. He already has a heart tattoo on his left arm, but apparently that inking just wasn't enough. The new etching on his bicep is bound to draw some comments, whether or not Styles is trying to say he wears his heart on his sleeve.

According to Entertainmentwise, the London-based artist Liam Sparkes is responsible for Styles' near anatomically correct tattoo. The ink even incorporates different aspects of the actual human organ, such as the aorta and ventricles. Sparkes was also behind Harry's enormous butterfly tatt as well as a piece on One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson's chest.

Pretty soon Styles might not have any blank space left on his body for new designs. Even though he's the most heavily inked One Direction member, he still has some tattoo regret. Entertainmentwise reported that he feels certain etchings were a mistake, including one that musician and close friend Ed Sheeran designed of a padlock. Kevin Paul, who has done a multitude of celebrity tattoos, told the news outlet that he would advise Styles to be more selective with his ink choices. 

"Harry should get rid of them all and maybe get himself a sleeve which would look more elegant," Paul explained to the news outlet.

It looks like that might be just what Styles is doing as he focuses on building up the body art on his arm.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013