Sometimes, consumers feel a strong connection to a brand, and they'll go out of their way to support certain products and services. In extreme instances, those people feel inclined to prove their loyalty in the form of ink. Some people have even auctioned off space on their skin for ad purposes. Their motives for going under the needle may vary, but one thing is for certain: These individuals are are a different breed of ink extremists.

A promotion with a catch
One recent example of this phenomenon involved a New York real estate company. CBS New York reported that Rapid Realty offered its employees a notable 15 percent pay raise to get the company logo emblazoned on their skin. The idea was born when one ultra loyal staff member voluntarily got a corporate tatt for no monetary incentives. The company owner pays for the tatts, and as there are no location or size requirements, workers have some say over how they look. Some of the staff members interviewed said they were eager to take advantage of the offer, while others claimed they would never get inked for fear of tattoo regret. Still, Forbes reported that about 40 employees, which is 5 percent of the Rapid Realty staff, have taken the firm up on the deal. The news source noted that many people have been careful to get the designs done in less visible locations, like behind an ear.

Shocking measures
This isn't the first case of this kind of business strategy. Business Pundit reported that, an online casino known for publicity stunts, was at one point giving boxers money to wear temporary back tatts of their company logo. Furthermore, the firm paid a number of woman to get permanent ink of the logo. One mother from Salt Lake City, Utah, got a check for $10,000 to etch the name of the company in large letters across her forehead. This didn't happen from the company's offer, though – it was her idea. She auctioned off her forehead space on eBay, and was unsurprisingly the second most watched item on the website at that time.

For others, these tatt transactions don't turn out as well. Business Pundit cited the example of the anonymous man who got a tatt of the Google logo on his leg and asking for compensation from the company after the fact. Another man sold his forehead space – as well as stepson's – to the Iowa radio station KORB. While he was under the impression that they'd be getting $100,000 to get "'93 Rock – The Quad City Rocker" emblazoned on their skin, the whole ordeal ended up being a practical joke with no actual payoff.

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* Source: Harris Interactive, 2013