We're all capable of making our own choices in life, which is both awesome and terrifying. You can wake up one day and decide to cover yourself in tattoos. You could even pack up your car and drive out west and never come back. But just because we have the freedom to do whatever we please doesn't mean we should take it and run with it – especially when it comes to irreversible choices, like tattoos.

If you're unsure if you should get your first piece of body art, or whether you should get your second, third, forth, fifth or sixth, there are ways to help you decide. 

Here are five signs you're not ready:

1. Your gut says no
You know that bad, sinking feeling you get when you should or shouldn't do something? Trust it. Women's Health magazine confirmed that intuition is more than just a whim – it's unconscious reasoning. Our bodies collect and store memories – good and bad. We are able to recognize warning signs from past bad experiences. 

2. You're broke
Tattoos cost a pretty penny – at least the ones worth getting do. If you're in a financial pickle, you might want to push your appointment back to a later date. Even if you can afford the work itself, you don't want to have to skimp on the tip. Several posts on Reddit confirm that 20 percent is an appropriate minimum tip for a job well done. Artists depend on that extra dough to pay the bills. It'd be like receiving a fraction of a paycheck for a full week's work. 

3. Your friend's pushing you
Recognize when someone is making you do something that you're not comfortable with. Since the early, awkward days of middle school, we've all caved to peer pressure a time or two, whether it's trying cigarettes or playing spin the bottle. Tattoos are no place for peer pressure, because they're for life. 

4. You can't decide on a design
So you've known what you're going to get for five years now. The problem is that you're not sure how to transform the picture in your head into some beautiful, whimsical body art. It's not a major obstacle in the grand scheme of things, but don't skew your vision by settling. Do your research and chat up artists to find what's right for you.

5. You're already contemplating laser tattoo removal
If you reason with yourself by saying: I'll just get it removed, then you're not ready. Try again next time, amigo. 

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