People really go all out for the holiday season. Many shamelessly flaunt their most hideous of sweaters to company parties, pub crawls and even family get-togethers. Others, however, take this sentiment to a whole other level, by getting tattoos that are so unfortunate looking, they could easily be the design of an ugly sweater – here are four of them.

1. Howling wolves
Now, there's nothing wrong with loving these four-legged creatures, but there's something to be said about putting one on your body for life. The quintessential howling wolf sweater/sweatshirt/t-shirt has been an object of mockery since the '90s, and not much has changed. Wolf designs continue to be something better suited from a scene in horror film "The Hills Have Eyes," which is why it's the ultimate ugly sweater print.

2. A Christmas tree
A number of not-so-cleverly crafted ugly holiday sweaters bear a Christmas tree, gingerbread man or something else cloyingly festive. For whatever reason – perhaps too much eggnog – people then take this idea and run with it. A simple Google search will muster a slew of results on this bizarre tattoo choice. One particular list provided by Odd Stuff magazine displayed arms inked with deer pictures and a picture of Santa Claus wielding a butter knife. No more evidence needed. 

3. Barbed wire holly
As featured by Odd Stuff, one person sported a particularly disturbing barbed wire holly tattoo. It's fair to say that holly and other holiday traditions can mean something different to everyone, however, this particular expression is not the meaning of Christmas. That you can be sure of. 

4. Merry Christmas knuckles
Alright, knuckle tattoos can be an awesome way to show the world that you're bad to the bone. Unless of course the letters spell out the words "Merry Christmas," as featured on a blog called Prison Photography. Seriously though, what's intimidating about wishing people a happy holiday every darn day of the year? It just doesn't work, particularly on Easter, the Fourth of July and birthdays. Even worse, you might even offend someone in a very uncool manner. 

Traditionally you couldn't just take a tattoo off, like you could an old piece of clothing. However, now you can. If your ink is more suited for an ugly sweater party, consider laser tattoo removal. 

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