As the Vitamin C song states, "As we go on, we remember all the times we had together," and it's true to an extent. Sure, you remember certain pivotal moments, but high school was almost a decade ago, and you can't seem to recall the name of your homeroom teacher, never mind who was the lead in "Fiddler on the Roof." This doesn't mean that you're a rotten person for forgetting about the good ol' days, it's just a fact of life. As time rolls on people change, and we tend to leave behind many aspects of ourselves to grow into the people we wish to become. It's what makes getting a tattoo such a big decision. Before you get inked, think about these four lifestyle changes that may drive you to tattoo regret. 

1. Marriage
Here comes the bride, all dressed in – a giant butterfly tattoo on her back that she got when she was 19. It's not to say that she didn't once love it very much, but it seems to be messing with her overall look. Besides, she has no ties to a butterfly. It's quite common today for brides and bridesmaids to conceal or ditch body art prior to the big day.

The New York Times summarized this phenomena in 2012, when tattoo regret among brides really started to come to light through major media sources. Sometimes, the bride hates how the tattoo looks with her elegant gown. But other times, it's not even her influence that drives her to try to mask it. Family members and other loved ones who are traditionalists tend to frown up any body art – especially if they weren't suppose to find out about it. 

2. Children
Once you're hitched, or maybe before then, you might be thinking about starting a family. Many people find that once they have their first son or daughter, they change and start behaving in a more conservative manner than prior to parenthood. 

The reason is that oftentimes parents don't want their children to get the wrong impression from body art. Perhaps they're afraid that the child won't take them as seriously if they're covered in a full sleeve of tattoos. Additionally, they don't want the little boy or girl to grow up to think getting a tattoo is cool, especially if the mother or father regrets the decision.

3. Work
Although tattoos have become ubiquitous, some people may still be hard-pressed to find an employer who's cool with them. According to The Economist, several studies have been done to see if a supervisor's perception of prospects changes based on whether they have body art.

As it turns out, one particular study conducted by researchers from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland found that employers were less likely to pick a candidate for a job if they had visible tattoos. The reason behind this is that tattoos still indicate a sign of rebellion, Andrew Trimming, researcher from St. Andrews, told the source. 

4. Body weight fluctuation
Even people who have incredible metabolisms will inevitably change physically over the course of their lives. That's just the way it is. It's this tidbit of information that keeps many away from the needles.

As explained on XO Vain, the skin stretches and sags – especially in particular parts that have seen more sun exposure. There are certainly some awesome people who don't give a hoot if their tattoos are stretched out and deformed, but others might consider body weight fluctuation. 

If you're experiencing any of these major life changes, don't live with tattoo regret. Go for laser tattoo removal and move on with your life. 

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